Building A Temple, One Brick At A Time

Introducing three paintings completed in 2018.

SURFRACTAL took a year from concept to canvas. It is a very simple image that actually carries a lot more meaning to it. On the surface, it conveys the idea that consciousness is fractal in nature. Our lives are but a single snapshot of a greater whole, one that is infinite and self similar at various levels. Maybe we return to the ocean of consciousness at then end of our journey, only to be swirled into the mix and end up spread across a billion new entities.
While we're here in this form, we might as well learn how to ride those waves.

As part of a trip to Florida we planned to stay with some dear friends, one of which I've known since I was very young. I felt it was a great opportunity to deliver them some custom art created with them in mind. I painted Shamaine Coon in the weeks prior to our trip after coming up with a concept I felt resonated with my perceptions of them.

The idea for Skeye Wide was sudden and compelling. I wanted to capture the awe of gazing deep into the night sky. The reference for the eye was from a photo of my son when he was still a baby and the world was new to him.



Details: Acrylic, 14x11 inches, Aug 2018Price: $900
Traversing the ocean of fractal consciousness. Our lives are but a single snapshot of a greater whole, one that is infinite and self similar at various levels. Maybe we return to the ocean of consiouness at then end of our journey, only to be swirled into the mix and end up spread across a billion new entities. While we're here in this form, we might as well learn how to ride those waves.
Shamaine CoonShamaine Coon*

Shamaine Coon

Details: Acrylic, 10x10 inches, June 2018
A gift for my friends Leah Fairchild and Matthew Uva.
Skeye WideSkeye Wide

Skeye Wide

Details: Acrylic, 14x11 inches, December 2018Price: $750
The alluring awe of the night sky.

* Prints are available here.


Fall Catch-up

Two acrylic paintings were completed this past fall. One took just over three years from the day it was started and the other took only just over two weeks.

"Cosmiknot" was started at my old house the Fall before we moved and was only worked on periodically. The concept involved using the Golden Ratio to scale the circle sizes and their spacing. The spirals are made of spirals, with the implication that they continue on infinitely. The symbolism addresses how our DNA and atoms both come from the stars and will ultimately return to them.

In November, 2017, I noticed a little Penrose Triangle I had drawn in a sketchbook and felt compelled to give it the proper treatment it deserved. The concept to juxtapose it with the Milky Way Galaxy came to me immediately and "Galaxometry" was started. While painting I took several photos of the progress hoping to stitch them together in a time-lapse. The time-lapse came out better than I had hoped and you can view it here.



Details: Acrylic, 14x11 inches, Sep 2014 - 2017
Portalattice extends a series of lattice mandala works exploring sacred geometry and implied dimensionality.


Details: Acrylic, 14x11 inches, Nov 2017 Price: $750
After coming across an old Penrose Triangle sketch I did, I felt compelled to give it a more fitting treatment. In less than two weeks Galaxometry was born.

Prints are also available here.


Spring Watercolors

The painting "Portalattice" etends an existing series of lattice mandala explorations. I'm really happy with how the gold/green rings turned out. Even with all their simplicity they manage create a great sense of depth. The other two paintings share the space-field background theme but are the start of a whole new series. These paintings depict a transformative event happening to an individual. The exact nature is not know. It could be an epiphany, some kind of enlightenment, or perhaps just the realization of one's true situation. The initial sketch was drawn on 12/15/16 after a flash vision of 00:00:01.



Details: Watercolor, 9x12 inches, Mar 2017 Price: $500
Portalattice extends a series of lattice mandala works exploring sacred geometry and implied dimensionality.


Details: Watercolor, 5x7 inches, Feb 2017 Price: $200
The first in a series of four or five paintings depicting a tranformative event.


Details: Watercolor, 6x8 inches, Apr 2017 Price: $300
The second in a series of four or five paintings depicting a tranformative event.


First Painting of the Year

I created this painting as a gift for a great friend of mine, Elisabeth Cadle. She is like a sister to me and I attempted to channel her aesthetic into the colors and textures I used. Luckily she lives offline and won't see this until I surprise her with it in the mail. This is a new study in my Mandalattice series, this time exploring the theme of water and oxidization.


Fresh Brewed Fractal Music

This melody was created using a fractal algorithm, generated by the software Gingerbread. The MIDI sequences were exported, arranged and finally mixed to create the song you hear. It took nearly all of 2016 to complete. There is a sort of dialogue between two opposing forces here, that of the Id and Ego. They palaver a bit but eventually come to terms. Enjoy and share.


Fall Watercolors

This fall I completed two paintings and a charcoal drawing. While most of my paintings take about a year to realize, "Tetratorus" was a rapid process from inspiration to finished painting. In the last two weeks of October I conceived and executed the 8x10 watercolor for a friend's wedding gift. The other watercolor, "Decontetras", continues a series of geometry explorations. Finally, I created a wine label design for a friend/co-worker who makes some very creative vints under the moniker "Storyteller".



Details: Charcoal, 9x12 inches, Nov 2016 Price: NFS
A wine label design submission for a friend's contest.


Details: Watercolor, 12x9 inches, Oct 2016 Price: NFS
A wedding gift for Elizabeth and Chris Abate


Details: Watercolor, 8x10 inches, Aug 2016 Price: $200
The deconstruction of a star tetrahedron.


Art for a Cause

Prints of my painting, "PHX Ascends", can now be purchased here. All proceeds will be donated to The PHX Fund for Adapted Technology. Print sizes include 8x10, 13x16 and 17x21. Prints are gallery quality Giclée on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin-free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks.

The PHX Fund's Mission

"The PHX Fund for Adapted Technology is a non-profit organization in Columbus, Ohio. Our mission is to raise awareness and provide opportunities for participation in all aspects of life for youth with disabilities in our community. Happiness, love, friendship, laughter, joy, adventure, and learning...it should all be accessible!" Learn more here: thephxfund.org

Order Prints


Prints Available

I am excited to announce that I have prints available for sale on society.com:

I have made three paintings available so far and will continue to add to the group over time. In addition to high quality prints, there are a lot of other fun items you can choose from.


Reintroducing soundpharm.com

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. For some of you this will be your first time here, so welcome! Within this space you will find a gallery of my visual art as well as a selection of songs I've created.

Over the past two years I have completed the following paintings:

PHX Ascends, Spreading Love Like A WildfirePHX Ascends, Spreading Love Like A Wildfire

PHX Ascends, Spreading Love Like A Wildfire

Details: Watercolor, 8x10 inches, Aug - Sep 2015 Price: NFS
A gift to Denise Bayless in memoriam of her amazing son. A tribute to the love that one person can bring into the world
Hexegesis - Study IHexegesis - Study I

Hexegesis - Study I

Details: Watercolor, 9x12 inches, Spring - Summer 2015 Price: $300
Further exploration on the Mandalattice theme.


Details: Watercolor, 8x10 inches, Spring 2015 Price: NFS
A painting made for a fundraser auction.
Hylozoic NebulatticeHylozoic Nebulattice

Hylozoic Nebulattice

Details: Acrylic, 16x20 inches, Fall 2014 Price: $1500
A culmination of my recent themes.


A Website Resurrection

Where does the time go? Well if you're me, it's been a mix of career work, family adventures and creating art in the wee hours. Lately it has gone into rebuilding this site with the best practices and modern techniques at my disposal. Mobile friendly, animated and dynamic. New and improved to make for a better user experience and show off my web development skills.

With the new design also comes new content. I have finished a several paintings since my last update and posted them in the Look section. I will post more details for them here soon. For now, just revel in the new site and all its technical wizardry.


foresT seed

Inspired by a dream account from a friend, I attempt to create an atmoshere complementing the dream. This is the first song I have ever put vocals to. The words are from Lea Fairchild's dream.


Dusting off the website

In late August I found out that my proposed piece "Hope and Strength" had been accepted to the show Por Vida V. I immediately began working out the details of the sketches I had completed earlier. This wasn't to be just a painting, it was going to be seven and they were all going to be connected together somehow. Many late nights came and went. With just a few days before the deadline we received a week extension. That was a great weight off my back and it allowed me to give some extra attention to the remaining details. Easily the most personal piece of art I have ever created, I'm very happy with how it came together and manifested my vision.

Por Vida was an annual show/event that applies a contemporary take on the traditional Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of The Dead). Por Vida integrates a themed and curated art exhibit, food and drink, music and installation spaces. It was created by Columbus, Ohio artist Kat Marie Moya who I have known since around 1997.

Over the past two years I have also completed a few other paintings:

Hope and StrengthHope and Strength

Hope and Strength

Details: Acrylic, thread and feathers on a crib rail, 32x45 inches, Aug - Sep 2012 Price: NFS
This piece was created for the exhibit Por Vida V, a contemporary take on the traditional Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of The Dead). The subject deals with my wife and I's experience with miscariage. Easily the most personal piece of art I have ever created.
Hexolaris - Nucleattice IIHexolaris - Nucleattice II

Hexolaris - Nucleattice II

Details: Acrylic, 16x20 inches, Winter-Spring 2012 Price: $500
The second in the Nucleattice series dealing with solar energy and the mandala.


Details: Acrylic, 11x14 inches, Fall 2011 Price: $200
Light SeedLight Seed

Light Seed

Details: Watercolor, 8x10 inches, Spring 2011 Price: $600
Derrived from a sketch made while Kat tattooed my wife.

I have also posted a few new songs to soundcloud.


Salo web site completed!

Just put some finishing touches on the web site I created for the NYC jazz band Salo. Ben Gallina commissioned me to do the cover art for their recent debut release "Sundial Lotus". Following up with a web site that complimented the cover art seemed like the logical progression.
I also redesigned Ben's personal site www.bengallina.com.

Designed and implemented Derby Outfitters (www.derbyoutfitters.com) in early 2010. The site no longer exists unfortunately.

Salo websiteSalo website

Salo -website

Salo - Sundial LotusSalo - Sundial Lotus

Salo - Sundial Lotus





I helped Andrea Kinter set up a web site to promote her former photography business, Rainbows & Ribbons Photography. We used a flash-based template solution which allowed me to do a little design customization. I also created some marketing collateral for Andrea as well.


Recent Creative Endeavors

- Recently completed a design/build for the Derby Outfitters web site. Website coming soon!
- Recorded a song I've been working since October: thengin.mp3
- Documented a painting I completed a few months ago as well as a cut-paper creation:


Details: Acrylic, 9x12 inches, 12/2008 - 2/2009 Price: $200
Used for CD disk art on Salo's album 'Sundial Lotus'
Portal I - Vortex Entanglement - frontPortal I - Vortex Entanglement - front

Portal I - Vortex Entanglement - front

Portal I - Vortex Entanglement - shadowPortal I - Vortex Entanglement - shadow

Portal I - Vortex Entanglement - shadow

Portal I - Vortex Entanglement - angled viewPortal I - Vortex Entanglement - angled view

Portal I - Vortex Entanglement - angled view


Salo, Derby Outfitters and Flux

I have completed the lettering for the front cover Salo's new album.
- I wrapped up three design comps for Derby Outfitters. I'll post a link here once the site is done.
- Finally, I created a site for my friend Elisabeth Cadle to market her creative services www.mudflux.com. Her mural work recently appeared on the show Extreme Home Makeover, where Elisabeth painted a prairie mural in a bedroom of a New Hampshire home.