Artist Statement

Through art I attempt to uncover secrets of the universe. I am on a quest for the knowledge of how things all fit together. In my explorations I take note of patterns, analyzing them from different perspectives. The primary theme in my work is interconnectivity. Many of the Hermetic principles, like "as above, so below," serve as a catalyst for my creative intentions. Duality and complimentary opposites are represented throughout my work. Mathmatics and geometry serve as the structure for these concepts. Nature, space, quantum physics, vibration, infinity, and consciousness all influence the aesthetics of my art. Visual simplicity and conceptual complexity are my goal. My ideas either come in an instant visionary flash or start out as a simple sketch, taking many iterations to mature.

My artistic direction has been influenced by the diverse mediums that I have been fortunate to work with. Thanks to the encouragement of my wife, family and friends I have found myself expressing ideas through a diversity of mediums. Graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design in 1997, I spent time in Industrial Design, Fine Arts and Photography, finally majoring in Time-based Media Studies (animation and video). Each major and medium has provided me with a different way of expressing concepts. Currently I am immersed acrylic and watercolor painting.