About soundpharm:

Artist description

Instant Music™, improvisational arrangements of natural and digital sounds. Often chaotic, always changing.

Music style

Electronic, Mathematical & Experimental

Musical influences

Nature, Science, Art, Life, Legendary Pink Dots (Edward Ka-Spell & Silverman), Tear Garder, cEvin Key (Download, Skinny Puppy, PlatEAU, Doubting Thomas, Cyberaktif, Hilt...), Phil Western (Kone, BEEHATCH, Floatpoint, Frozen Rabbit, Off And Gone, PlatEAU... ), Plaid, Autechre, arovane, U-ziq, Coil, Scotty Boombox, Precenphix, Spiral Realms, Danny Elfman, Tipsy, The Flaming Lips, Jack Johnson, Tori Amos, Pearl Jam, Stephen Malkmus, Gorillaz, Death Cab for Cutie, G. Love, Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle.

Similar Artists

M.C.Escher, Duchamp, Dali, Geiger, Jacek Yerka, Harlan Ellison and Edward Ka-Spell.

Artist history

Many years of Pharming around for fun. It all started in 1995 with some "toys" and a 4-track reel-to-reel at CCAD, making soundtracks for my video feedback collages. It eventually became "The All-Monster Chorus" from a lot of experimenting with various forms of feedback (kind of like how The Hulk turned green). Started using Sound Edit 16 in Spring '97 for first digital songs. Collected more toys through '99... discovered fractal music generators like GingerBread & Fmusic in '00... actually paid for some quality instruments, including the JP-8000, and now have a well rounded studio (especially with AudioMulch in my arsenal). With the diversity of musical sources I have been herding in the last few years, I've realized that I have become a farmer of sound in a way.

Group members - past/present

Justihn Jasyn - loops, keyboards, noise toys, programming, samples, occasional voice. The All Monster Chorus- audio feedback, chaos. Michael Dodds - voice. Occasional friends- various noises.


Roland JP-8000, Dell Optiplex, AudioMulch, Zoom 2040?, Yamaha MusicStation, Sound Forge, Audacity, GingerBread, Fmusic & Musinum Fractal Music Generators, found/homemade objects, BOSS Dr.Sample, TechnoBox...


neuraral, autochaosoniq, inceprication - live @ skylab, Ikkination & countless unreleased private recordings.