Studio Releases

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Released in 2007, these songs were created with a more traditional approach to music writing.

  1. oot
  2. ToDaYa
  3. Nohmnsdestu
  5. trinofil
  6. yiplasiay
  7. Saguanicia
  8. KontraaZ
  9. Dandelos Fire
  10. Purizion


The first studio release from soundpharm, 2002.

  1. Chaostrophy
  2. sFlitphoN
  3. lunlyx
  4. phLucK
  5. SlitH
  6. Ihngste
  7. efimural
  8. UnKnphare
  9. Translution of StihL
  10. limodiq
  11. viziere
  12. intrigGer

Selections from Autochaosoniq

intrigGer 3.8mb

A dark, minimal, glitchy dirge. Added a little commentary from our former commander-in-thief since the version on "autochaosoniq."

phLucK 3.3mb

This song was created in the first hour of using the program "Musinum". A bunch of instruments were set up and put them into motion using fractal algorithms. It's a spontaneous composition using chaos for guidance, and cannot be repeated as nothing was saved. A true piece of Instant Music™, this song is by far my personal favorite & represents everything I like in my music.

sFlitphoN 5.3mb

Chaos rules and if you think you can figure it out, well, you'll go crazy! Unreleased studio version.

Chaostrophy 4mb

Listen to the Mandelbrot sing! Created with the fractal music software Gingerbread.

inceprication - live @ Skylab

Opening for Scotty Boombox in the Skylab gallery space on June 16, 2001.

  1. siniYinis
  2. onstence
  3. BlakItCh
  4. dossine
  5. sFlitphoN
  6. errendUr
  7. phLucKed
  8. unopharo
  9. derfLesh
  10. UknPhair

Unreleased Tracks


This melody was created using a fractal algorithm, generated by the software Gingerbread. The MIDI sequences were exported, arranged and finally mixed to create the song you hear. It took nearly all of 2016 to complete. There is a sort of dialogue between two opposing forces here, that of the Id and Ego. They palaver a bit but eventually come to terms. Enjoy and share.


I lush landscape of digital abstractions and thick beats.

foresT seed

Inspired by a dream account from my friend Leah Fairchild, I attempt to create an atmoshere complementing the dream. This is the first song I have ever put vocals to, the words are directly from Leah.


Studio version of a lively track that originally appeared on the live recording "Inceprication".

PhereUS 5mb

An audio example of dealing with March of 2003 and the idiot who is in the driver's seat.

Poyle 6.5mb

Sitting on the dock of the bay this isn't. Unless you were referring to one near the river Styx. Piano, bells, flute, strings and lots of absurdities make this an unusual sonic journey to new horizons.

dossine 8.1mb

Synth melodies spiraling down to the nether regions of a numeric environment. Studio version.